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7 Questions You Should Ask BEFORE Hiring a Home Computer Expert

1. May I See Your References, Please?

Yes, it’s true.  Most computer users FAIL to ask this simple and critical question before ever inviting a total stranger to their home or office.

What are references? 

References consist of a list of names and phone numbers of real customers served by the person who gives you the references.  Some technicians won’t give you references.  If they won’t, then simply refuse to do business with them.  How many names and phone numbers should be on the references list?  At least twenty is a good standard.  Twenty references is probably more people than the guy’s mother, wife, best friend and favorite pet

Why ask for references in the first place?  Here’s why.

Home computer repair falls within the “service” industry category.  Other familiar service industry businesses are plumbers, roofers and auto repair, to name a few.  The service industry is filled with huge ranges of quality and ethical practices. 

Consider CPA’s, attorneys and medical doctors for a moment.  In these “professional” industries there are already strict standards of education and testing which must be satisfied prior to opening such a business.  Unfortunately for YOU the consumer, the home computer repair industry has NO STANDARDS.  Therefore, you must be MORE DILIGENT to be sure you’re protecting yourself from letting the wrong technician into your home.

2. Are You a Licensed Business? 

Before you spend your money and your time on this guy, you need to be sure he’s running a real business.  Here’s how you make this judgment real quickly:

Do you have a business license and are you prepared to show me a copy?  If he doesn’t, there’s a good chance he’s running this so-called business on a shoe-string.  He may be here today, and gone tomorrow…with your money. 

Hire someone else with a demonstrated commitment to being in business for the long term.

3. How are you rated by the Better Business Bureau?

Everyone knows this one, right?  But how many of us ask the question before we hire someone?  A business owner who’s taken the time and effort to join the BBB and remain a member in good standing is more likely to give you the professional treatment you deserve.  How do you know your computer repair guy is “a member in good standing”?  Ask him if he’s on the BBB “Honor Roll” for the past year.  If so, he’s received few complaints, and if he’s received any, he’s handled them fairly and professionally.

4. How many customers have you PERSONALLY served? 

This one’s a little tricky.  With computer repair, you really shouldn’t care how big the computer repair company is…or how many customers they’ve served.  What should you care about then?  How many computers has THIS PARTICULAR computer repair guy repaired?  Are you his first customer?  His tenth customer?  His 50th customer?  How about his 100th customer?  Do you get the point?  With each higher number of customers, your comfort level also increases, doesn’t it.

With this in mind, we recommend a minimum standard of at least 100 repairs were personally performed by someone before he gets his fingers into MY computer.

5. Ask Him Why He Does “this” Job? 

You want someone fixing your computer who loves doing it.  Why is this important to you?  If someone’s fixing your computer because “it’s a job”, how enthusiastic and motivated will he be to do an excellent job for you?  For example, if your computer repair person does this on a “moonlighting” basis while he works his REAL job or puts himself through college, how much confidence do you have in his ability to deliver a successful repair?  

Find someone who eats, breathes and sleeps “computer repair”.  This is the kind of guy who will earn the equivalent of his PhD in reading, studying, training and plain hard work.  Why?  Because he loves it.  Look hard to find and develop a relationship with this kind of repair person.  When you find him, tell your friends and family too.  They will thank you for it. 

6. What is your Website Address? Do you show up on an Internet search? 

These easy questions are so basic to good business.  If your computer repair guy is not listed in the search engines, that’s strike one.  If he does not have a website you can visit, that’s strike two.  If you visit the website and it’s terrible, that’s strike three.  How do you know if a website for a computer repair guy is good or terrible?

 It’s not whether you like the color or design theme.  It’s a little more complicated that that…but not too complicated.

 First, every site should provide simple phone and email contact information, along with physical address, not just a PO Box.  If it flunks this test, it’s a terrible website.

 Second, the website should tell you in language you can understand, how well qualified this particular technician or company is for the kind of job you need them to do.  If it does this it’s a decent website.

 Third, the website should educate you on how to make the best decision when choosing a computer repair person.  If it truly does, it’s a very good website.

7. Will You Show Me a PILE of at Least 10 Hand-Signed Testimonial Letters Before I Let You In the Door?

You’ve learned from Question #1 in this report, references give you the ability to make phone calls to satisfied customers and speak with them personally about the quality of service given to them by the computer repair person you are considering. 

So, what’s the benefit of asking for a pile of at least ten signed testimonial letters? 

Here’s the benefit.  If he say’s, “no I’m not going to do that”, then guess what?  He probably has ZERO testimonial letters to show you.  So what should you say to him?  How about this:  “No, thank you.”

What if he says, Ok, no problem and then shows up at your door with a bunch of phony testimonial letters?  How many fly-by-night computer repair guys will take the time and trouble to “forge” ten or more hand-signed testimonial letters?  Not many will do it. 

Furthermore, when you glance through the letters, you’ll know whether they’re phony or not.  If they’re phony, you’ll see similar stationary and writing styles…possibly even similar handwriting in the signature line.


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